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Deaf/Blind Community

A Place for Sharing and Support

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Welcome to deafblind!

The deafblind community was created as a forum for discussion of issues related to DeafBlindness. Topics can cover anything from personal experiences, stories, poetry, assistive technology, Helen Keller, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), socialization, education, support groups, and just about anything else related to DeafBlind. You do not necessarily have to be DeafBlind to join; people who have visual and hearing impaired family members or friends, and professionals dedicated to improving the quality of life for DeafBlind people are welcome too.

Although the community is primarily for discussion of DeafBlind issues, all discussion pertaining to disability awareness in general is welcome.

* Polls/Surveys/Quizzes are welcome.

* Posts about communities related to disability awareness are welcome.

* Links to sites related to disability awareness are welcome.

* Pictures are welcome, but please place large pictures behind lj-cuts.

* It would be a good idea to use lj-cuts for very long posts.

* This isn't a rule or a mandatory requirement, but it would be a good idea to make an introductory post about yourself and about the reason(s) for your interest in this community as well.