Misty (aurora_nebulosa) wrote in deafblind,

Are sighted folks deaf?

Well, folks. It happened again and for about the fifty billionth time. I requested that the person assisting me in shopping pick me up some "Lucky Charms" cerea. (Yes, I still love all that sweet kids cereal in the morning!) But, turns out, she picked me up something that sounded nothing like Lucky Charms; she picked up Fruit Loops (or however quirky way the company spells it on the box). Are the covers of the boxes that similar in appearance, or do sighted folks just not use their ears?
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I know might sound kind of excessive, but it might be worth it to take actual box covers, or pictures and/or photocopies of box covers of the items that you want to show to people. That might help.
To some sighted people (like my mom, the health nut for example), one sweet colorful cereal IS just like the next. So no, it's not surprising. If you had it written down, THEN I would be saying that they are probably dyslexic.